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Programming Dojo

Our Programming Dojo teaches the aspects of robot programming adopted from the most popular robotic lesson from Japan through the use of an educational robot kit named TJ3B. As mankind progresses forward, computers are now everywhere, not only in the form of a personal computer (pc) and mobile phones, but computers are now in cars, smart homes, home appliances and so much more. Learning how to programme is a valuable investment as it is such a big part of our daily lives today. The robot kit, TJ3B is manufactured by Daisen, Japan and was developed to cultivate creativity and promote problem-solving thinking / programming skills through a step-by-step learning discipline. Our Programming Dojo employs the C-Based programming language which is popularly known as the most widely used programming language in the world. Thus a good grasp of the C language at a young age is a definite advantage for a child’s future.

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Beginner Level


  • 1 Session (90 mins)
Advanced Level


  • 1 Session (90 mins)

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